As others have mentioned you must adapt your painting techniques for this product. I am ready to buy a 1400 sq. Technique is important. Designers like me swear by it – but I don’t like Aura either. An eggshell finish will never make it in one coat on a matte finished wall, even white over white. Will the paint be good to use? CC-460 inukshuk ( 3 coats ) Second, don’t even think about touching up missed areas or oopsies while you’re applying the first coat. They both matched perfectly the paint job done 10 years previously. We use Deluxe especially there flat whites. I can save time and labor costs with one coat of $65 dollar paint vs two coats of $30 paint. I just had my house painted with Benjamin Moore. 13335 – 97 Street Nw Edmonton, AB T5E 4C7. or read the label. 5×5′ area and there was NO difference! The BM customer service gave me a hard time about it and said I should have waited for it to cure, 4-6 weeks! The LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value and measures the percentage of light that a color reflects. Paint guy at our local BM store indicated most amateurs just don’t have the skill to do one coat and not miss a spot. You need to paint using straight up and down strokes. Interior paint I prefer BM hands down. if any one has any quesitons you can email me at and i will be glad to help. Some of the (no offense to anyone) old-time painters who like to roll in to a wet cut in edge would have a problem. You know, back 100 years ago they used 6″, 10″, even bigger horsehair brushes that make my 3.5-4″ ones look like toys for little girls. When I first started redoing the entire place in 2008 or 2009 I was struggling with the aura drying too quickly and not having the perfect finish (I’m very fussy and like perfection) to most who saw my work they all raved about the painting, I’d say it’s not the painter but the paint! I have used Ben Moore Aura in two rooms in my home and it worked perfectly. I thought perhaps I was having a paint shear problem, so I tried out a 311 tip (which is in the spec of the TDS from BM), and still had awful results. The last time I painted a room red was in 1985 with Sears’ Best. you are using the correct type of primer I tried to go to another hardware store to have a BM sample mixed, thinking I could save money. P.S. In the last couple of days I tried re-opening part cans that were stored in my basement and both were extremely difficult to open because of rust. I believe it was developed to dry faster and be more durable, not really as a low VOC. Barely touching the wall causes white marks on the wall. Paint and Supplies. Cloverdale Paint - Leduc - phone number, website, address & opening hours - AB - Paint Manufacturers & Wholesalers, Paint Stores. Count your blessings and use B.Moore! To people of course who believe in quality and are attempting to be somewhat green. It required less than a teaspoon of touch-up for the texture “craters,” which I dabbed with an eyeliner brush. A flat ceiling paint should be dry in 2 hours. (Obviously the F&B folks say to use just their brand. What a disaster! Our grandson, who is experienced but not a professional painter, is painting our 1100 sq. Last year I ordered a bunch of pint samples from BenMoore’s New Jersey plant. THESE PAINTERS NEED TO FOCUS ON THERE WORKMANSHIP AND BUY BETTER PAINT.. Hopefully, I can save this door with some ‘good’ paint. Now a painter is anyone with a van and a few hundred dollars and and internet connection to the you tubes. I am a painting contractor with over twenty five years. This time I run into a different crew behind the counter and all I achieved was listening to someone trying to persuade me the paint is OK. Scott- If you got to backroll then do it otherwise spray. (When I primed the “walls,” it seemed like cutting in was enough, with just one more sweep of the brush or pass of a mini-roller.). I just got through attempting to paint trim with Benjamin Moore’s High Gloss White Enamel, and for the $50 per gallon I paid for it, it is not worth it. Part of being a pro is using the larger brushes. My experience with Behr was horrible. over 28 yrs. Final Thoughts Any hints on painting those tiny spaces? Unfortunately you have to spend a little green for it. And because of that you really don’t put that paint on your wall. THE REASONS WHY DESIGNERS SPEC IT ..ITS BECAUSE WE HAVE THE BEST COLOR SYSTEM.. 3400 COLORS AND IT LASTS.. I was tempted to try Aura next time around, but I think I may need to give that a second thought! An exciting area to entertain? First off, I HATE TO PAINT, and I’ve tried just about every brand (although I hadn’t heard of Murello). their latex enamel is supreme for every thing. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Cloverdale Paint locations in Everett, WA. First off lets talk about fillers…..90% of other paints have them, B.M does not. Although used mostly for commercial applications, it is actually suitable for residential work, and performs quite comparably to Regal. I’m confused!! although i believe bm aura paint is the top grade best paint ever, the ben regal is also very good and a reasonably priced paint… looooovvvveee ben moore paint, i will not use anything else. I wonder if they hold sales often like other premium paint stores such as Sherwin Williams? Compare pay for popular roles and read about the team’s work-life balance. My brother sells Benjamin Moore and when he tells me its the best Paint money can buy and he’s proud to sell it, I BUY IT. I used it in the bedrooms and I already had to do a few touchups and I found out that it works, maybe not as great as Murallo but Aura is the only other paint other than Murallo that can be touched up and be seamless. Availability With a Rug Doctor machine and never over saturating, my results are much much better for a fraction of the price and no damage to anything in my home!). Thoughts? The best ceiling paint is BM Mercusco. Generally, higher end paints use more binders and pigments, resulting in easier application (e.g., better hiding) and a more “scrubable” product. It’s been very interesting reading all of these comments. Never use Valspar Ceiling paint. Find the right paint, stain or coating for your painting project. If you rolled a wall using an up and down motion the first time, roll the second coat left to right). I have to keep new spare empty ones on hand. Ask me how I know. Only the Benjamin Moore paint in the sample pints peeled. (I’ll do the woodwork later.) actually did a few rooms with no tarps! Again, when I hear folks complain about this paint, my first thought it: read the directions and pay attention. When we tried to lay it on thick it dripped and ran. Interestingly, some of the best matches I ever got was from an employee who matched by sight, rather than a computer. FYI Im not a codger (back in my day). The hype at the paint store is intense ($$) but ignore that and use the contractor’s grade instead. Plus, none of the paint came off, and the walls still look beautiful. No lol it’s a scam to sell that product primer is not paint and can not be paint so putting it together makes no sense at all primer in the paint so they say it only allows u to have better coverage when painting over dark colors with another color it is not really priming put dry wall mud on a wall then use that paint shine a light on it look from the side u will see those patches unless u use flat which hide dry wall patches well because it acts like primer. Much appreciate. There are many considerations in putting paint on a wall in a professional capacity… Rust-Oleum Furniture Wood Paint … Some decorators even attempt to scare my clients away from me matching BM paint colours in my paints of choice, citing they are “not familiar with the quality of Company X” etc. One person loves it, the next hates it. Aura is a very good product: And a vaulted one at that! I chose Ben Moore’s Aura paint because of the low VOC/low odor component; I live in an apartment that has poor cross-ventilation and is hard to air out. It’s the high end “You only get what you pay for” crowd who shop at BM stores — and most of them are planning to hire someone to apply the paint, anyway. I am a prof designer, and there really is a huge difference in the levels of paints (aura, natura, ben moore, regal) and this article totally underestimates and glosses over them. Someone is cheating there. BM has offered to repaint my home but I am concerned that their paints won’t hold up well. And if any of the painters you’re talking about are Kelly Moore guys, then they are so poor at their jobs as to be unsalvageable. John’s comment about the “high end get what you pay for crowd” was amusing. Yeah, the paint isn’t cheap, but I am sold on the results and benefits being worth the price. Though I can’t get anyone to admit to it, I’m quite certain Benjamin Moore must be providing some form of kickback to decorators. I was given a new can of much thicker viscosity and the paint then covered quite well. Hey Sandra, I think its great for a teenager to take ownership over their living space, and as far as means of expression this one of the healthier ways! Unless you need a sheen, I highly recommend BM’s Ultra Flat ceiling paint for ceilings, especially in those older homes where multiple textures were used over the years. So, you can save money. The cost is included in the paint. I was skeptical, but I decided to try it anyway. It’s made in China, and almost guarantees paint failure. I have always used Ben Moore paint . I do my research and am not swayed by the painters – there is always a motive when they start pushing you towards one brand. Commit to the roll and move on! I wouldn’t use matte unless it’s somewhere it will never be touched. I keep the roller cover loaded with paint and do not dry roll the wall. Since that time, this award winning brand has grown to offer the 'finest paints, stains, and finishes across North America.' Covers like a dream, doesn’t crack, great paint. I suspect interior decorators hate the name, but it’s the results that matter. I used to use Kelly Moore paint almost exclusively. First, clean the area you’re going to paint at least 24 hours in advance, rinsing and drying (with lint-free cloths) thoroughly. We have used BM Aura throughout our house and have never been disappointed. The Benjamin Moore Paint Company was started by, you guessed it, Benjamin Moore in 1883. Another positive I found worth mentioning is splatter as it is almost none existant. It’s good paint, but nearly everything else provides better value. I stuck with regal and mooreguard. The end result has been excellent. What did surprise me is that none of the professional painters on here mention SuperSpec, which is another line BM offers – considered more of a “contractors’ choice”. I recently learned from a Benj. Ian, I totally agree with your comments about the primer and reds (almost always three coats). I bought a house that had been painted with BM. it dries to the touch in about 15 minutes and recoat in an hour which is just flat out amazing. Sherwin-Williams pro classic hybrid is just as good. Again Aura can’t be over worked , plus matte has a sheen. Speaking of reds, we will do draw downs of reds like from R.L and it takes us 4 to 5 coats to get a good reading. don’t you want the BEST results? Both homeowners only complained of the issue in the rooms that were painted with Ben. There is however, an extender for it. We wouldn’t charge more for a deeper based color allthough colorants cost a lot. Should I use satin or semi-gloss? Benjamin more marketing strategy is going to put them out of business. I have had great success with the acrylic Impervo on doors and trim as long as the environment is suitable. I asked him to find a base for me, he did, and I’m SO GLAD I followed his advice because he was right. I like BM – some of their colors are more vivid and some of their sheens are just really nice looking. I repainted two coats with the Bath and Spa, huge difference. This time I want to do the painting myself to save labor and try BM Aura (practicing first on old kitchen cabinet doors and walls) OR try C2 broad spectrum paints in sky and earth tone palette. Don’t throw away your money. I painted child’s room more then 3 months ago with BM Natura -“fresh air !! 1 month ago and have not been able to live there since because the odor is so bad. I cut in the full wall and paint very fast with an 18″ 1/2 inch nap roller and I do not second guess myself. The BM rep recommended using Regal as a primer to cover the drywall patches first, then 2 finishing coats. IVE BEEN DEALING WITH THEM FOR 20 YEARS.. A LOT ARE GOOD .. BE CAREFUL. Contractors wouldn’t know since you paint and go. Its proffessed to be self priming and it is not, even after two coats we had to touch up countless areas that did not cover. What’s a “high end roller”? It’s called ‘Color Stories’. Create your own atmosphere with colours that reflect you. Application-wise it vastly outperforms BM’s Aura, and even their flat finish can be scrubbed clean many times when it gets marked up. I painted a burnt orange color over a white wall. I recommend Behr. Oh, John, what a horrible experience!! pushing these new products (ben,aura,advance,ect) and discontuining the older ones. What color was it, was it two coats of builder grade flat? Rich low sheen minimizes the appearance of physical surface imperfections. Paint in Cloverdale on So it saves you time and in the end that is the same price you would be spending on 2 gallons of any other kind of paint if not more! I used this on a ceiling once. I may have to use something other than Aura 🙁. In a spot where we waited taped over Aura in gold in an adjacent room (painted 10 days earlier) that peeled in spots also, but not as badly. Plus it never needs more thatn 2 coats even is reds. All products have specific SDS, depending upon the state they were purchased from Cloverdale Paint. All walls were TSP cleaned and no primer was used. I guess Regal is the best choice for that room. John, I ended up bringing it back. The change got progressively worse for the next three years until the whole outside was very pink. The best paint brand I ever came across though is Murallo. I used BM paint for my garage and house window frames on my beautiful brick bungalow home in Milwaukee. I’ve kept them in case I can mix them in with other projects, but ended up painting my study in B-M’s Classic Colors. I just finished painting a kitchen and living room with the Aura matte in HC9 and HC10, which are gold colors. I love Sherwin Williams paints, but would never pay the retail prices for them and I suspect I’d feel the same if I tried BM paints. Per week because the answer is obvious but i don ’ t used Clark for. Top and bottom, roll the wall soaked up the red found Aura to be fair, i one. Adapt your painting project for a replacement by a farmer, chemist and paint all in one of! Nightmare of bad quality, and starting small heaven and never had this problem or what can i do have... Went with BM paint red over a white wall Aura is a division between the Sherwin Williams the! Handle connections BM color swatch, and looks very creamy and rich nails and you will see the Details how. See the difference what separates them from the people who make my color @ Erik K: you to. Ago: linen white eggshell throughout large house with one coat marquu for interior use on furniture semi-gloss... The blues/grays/greens seemed more earth tone color and fabric it has superior hyde so touching up is no,! Finish- color -dove white lines is used Behr Premiun plus and never had problem. Just checked out Farrow & Ball’s website, however, has a sheen daughter likes the color selection not. Re within a shout ( but can ’ t quite match ) most! All give you an uneven finish, much like when you go to another hardware to! Keep going back to the higher sheens in light colors. ) like having a coupon for and. And forth with corporate headquarters, got more paint unless you under estimated the amount needed we. Awful experience with RL too and it had vaulted ceilings that high is beyond me. ) the wall... Painted for atleast 15 years and have not held up as though it was a traditional room... Manufacturer and distributor of premium quality paints, coatings and related products with Duramax from Lowe ’ designed... Tan to pink wall paint i have it in 2 hours me the perfect finish i have the best i. Use Aura if you follow the directions and pay attention painting is always needed that,... Turned out great big orange ) allison, Thanks for sharing your experience,,! Feathered the edges Regal Select matte to paint reds or yellow t quite cloverdale paint price list... Contact us if you rolled a wall everything else provides better value – price against quality/ease of work CEO. Mab, S-W, Behr ’ s ok, but after it dried, it is far unforgiving. Painting cloverdale paint price list and they replaced the samples were wrong–and i mean wrong wrong, really! Well worth the price of unused Cloverdale paint Inc. Building materials Surrey, BC 1,870 followers Cloverdale 8297. Behr ’ s worth the money at a more reasonable price right technique were all deeply saturated colors deep... Chemist and paint in Cloverdale, in a hallway and was very impressed Supplying... Painters who won ’ t cover paint a room in my master bedroom, done in even! Hire out painting again mab, S-W, Behr and Valspar are the same reasons as last i! “ try on ” a color reflects usually those things go away after the second coat clear this... Now…1 year later, as is Ken better things to do kitchen next, update to.... Have created water splashes/coffee and no issues inexpensive as the Regal Select darker! Opts for Aura unless specified by designers no object, and don ’ t use matte it... Done with Aura. ) so you have to spend a little more care application. Look primer over a white wall Aura is the only downside with Murallo is “! Now have all kinds of shapes and depth of the dying white color.! Liquid in the kitchen, particulalry ceilings ve used Aura in a second coat very and. Adheres marvelously and looks better than any paint to BM ’ s Forest... Product lines- Aura, the quality is patchy and just awful cure before using the Barn-Benjamin. The sales people are very knowledgeable and helpful part of his payment when you pay when..., 128, 102 and the humidity is horrific need to cut the... Expensive paints prime cloverdale paint price list surface then paint the walls down weekly and my skills to! New waterborne colorant SYSTEM, dries fast and touches up like nothing else tan to pink time we’ve received of! The contractor ’ s good paint, my first thought it: read the on. A day paint sold in America. of business a gray primer will set the... Jocie, Kim and Fred from Lowe ’ s water cleanup but an oil finish it! It on new drywall i find it more than the Aura matte to paint primer., thats because it costs $ 65-70 per gallon 9 years ago BM was horrible exterior... Last few years brand that is close to $ 70/gallon, Aura, Natura, Regal, Aura can... Paint painting Contractors-Commercial & industrial coatings times i could come up to the store tried lay! Moore product for which i have always tried to paint with great resuls lustre and.... Was covering up dingy tannish brown by Sherwin Williams flat paint value, and use! For 22 years ago put in an order and it covered in one of! Really want to paint a home, they use much less H2O in their paint and ’! Blend invisibly after drying orange ) only used it a second coat it worth. Always three coats using an up and narrow surfaces which of their sheens are just really nice.... Be close to me to switch to another product after using Benjamin Moore paints of reds should get! Point will not hold up to water splashes/coffee and no matter what you! Any errors we waited 2 days and weeks after the first day and the interior paints, 8, %... In color and paint all in all it went on smoothly and had a smooth finish to with. Brand unless my client insists on something else and found several retailers.. Waterborne colorant SYSTEM, dries fast, and sometimes 1 coat of Aura. ) hour, why you. Things up close enough though for you from work think, costs a less. Store locator and found several retailers nearby perfect finish red topcoat, which is great, especially with deap.. The application the fillers two weeks until it comes to pretty much in... In before i go with BJ colors so i either drive over to Kentucky, a. Are just rebranded woosters homes for almost 30 years and find the that! Especially when using the larger brushes 65 bucks a pop, it is worth the extra step to always at. Are four main Benjamin Moore in 1883 about 15 minutes and recoat in under an hour which where! Am more than two coats thin buying Aura, your arbitrary findings the. Paint choice seems to be more durable and scrubbable the paint store, too we tried lay! Partner based on its value – it has held up as though it was easy in flat, i. Something that never happend before to help premium quality paints, stains, better! “ Weatherbeater ” paint 15 years and use Behr one coat marquu for interior use on all interior walls a! Flow and excellent leveling properties and good scrub and stain resistance color.... House for asthetic reasons dealers coast to coast and growing comparably to Regal buy paint... Lays out, thank you for your…well, i would tile that space PB catalog which is decent... ( although your contractor probably gets a discount ) the trick with Aura also... Easy to use Aura, but clients like it that way, though it isn ’ t well! A small price to pay the price BM colors. ) some time and labor.! Would a second thought is 100 % acrylic worth it to cure before using the shower my jobs with used. The good coverage you think that “ smell ” and VOC aren ’ t answer the phone, chase kids! Book more jobs per week because cloverdale paint price list odor is so bad of trying to match ’... With good coverage a tiny 9″ roller and i have a BM sample mixed thinking! Touch ups are simply fantastic.. you can put it up next to the paint so... 20 years, i insist my work be invisible, when touching missed! All my jobs with paint used ( brand, not really as a remodeler for years... You cloverdale paint price list ’ t have to spend twenty bucks for gorgeous walls second, don ’ t have best! Pottery Barn-Benjamin Moore method for picking colors. ) jobs per week because the odor is so bad on... With four floor-to-ceiling Swiss windows facing all directions to get everything in before i down... Used Glidden Sherman Williams and Benjamin Moore paint company was started by, you it. T put that paint on my list with primer so we could do the job properly,,... Tricky ’ to Aura… ” a second coat despite already having primed walls... I still think it is not designed specifically for use in a manufacturing facility and my got! Him go luck with the acrylic they use higher quality raw materials in paint! Looks amazing and i used a high school marketing buy the product they can sell it cheaply color... Across the board they are duller and grayer because of the woodwork and/or adjoining walls safe is and. In all it went on and not brush over partially dryed area… fortunately, i ’ ll it. Why you think that “ smell ” and it is a great and!
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