Figuring something will happen soon, Kurisu pleads with Okabe to give her some leads, but he hangs up on her. Steins;Gate Okabe converses with Kurisu about the Time Leap Machine. ", "I've only lived 18 years, but I don't want to change any of them. Kurisu is a research member in Victor Qondria University's Brain Research Program. Contents Future Okabe says that Okabe experiencing Kurisu's death is necessary, because it links him with the Future Okabe that creates this video, and thus with the link established, Okabe able to see this video. While he does so, Daru suggests that he become another time-traveling radio personality like Suzuha's John Titor, which Okabe and Kurisu find tempting. Her hair, which she prefers to let loose, ranges in ginger shades all the way from mahogany to auburn. She then concedes that he cares about people more than he lets on, and that she wants him to remember her every once in a while, even if he kisses someone. Mayuri then comes in and shouts at Okabe for making Ruka cry, having invited her to come to the lab only for her to burst into tears over Okabe's "comment". Kurisu theorizes that, since undoing the D-Mail sent to Suzuha delayed Mayuri’s death, undoing all the time-altering D-Mails in reverse order could return them to a world line where they have the IBN. An intercom then announces that Dr. Nakabachi's press conference is beginning, and Okabe quickly rushes over there. He then admits it took a while to cope, but he figures that, as long as she's alive and SERN is gone, everyone benefits. He then leaves the Lab, and, after a brief and fruitless talk with Ruka, a saddened Okabe takes refuge on an overpass, where Kurisu finds him. Product details. Makise Kurisu 23 Fav. I stopped wearing teddie bear panties a few years ago!...Ah! * Created for 1920x1080 and lower screen resolutions * +1 if you like it * Comment and write reviews to support me Note: I do not own any of the imagery used in my themes, all credit goes to original artists Okabe grunts to himself, and Kurisu continues that time leaping won't break the 1% barrier, and that watching Mayuri die too often will eventually shatter him. She topped the Aquamarine 1 stage of the International Saimoe contest. This forces Okabe to actually get a taxi, although he tries to make Kurisu sympathize by making it look like he ran the whole way, only for her to catch on. He then prepares to limp away, but Mayuri suddenly slaps him, saying that he can't just give up because that is not who he is. Steins;Gate: The Movie − Load Region of Déjà Vu, Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram (Story 1: Dr. Jekyll on lines). Later on after she left Okabe in front of the train station, Faris caught up with her and made her listen to the other side of the cassette tape she listened before. She skipped a grade in the American school system. DRAFT. © skins for osu!. Kurisu's sudden appearance at Rintarou's "secret headquarters" starts yet another confrontation between the two. He proceeds to call her by name, and tells her they have to save Moeka's life. This is the reason behind her acerbic attitude, which she adopted as a defence mechanism to hide her vulnerabilities. Makise Kurisu Once "recruited" into the Future Gadgets laboratory, Okabe gave her Daru's white lab coats that he never uses and is often seen wearing one while in-lab. Her age group matches that of third-year high schoolers, but she skipped a grade through America's educational system. Kurisu is a highly curious girl who has had to grow a pretty thick layer of skin in order to survive the jealousy of others. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Other than that, I'm happy with what I got. He "examines" her in an attempt to verify that she is actually alive, which came off to her as sexual harassment. After an embarrassing conversation during their trip, the two make it back to the Lab. Kurisu makes him explain what's going on, but after he finishes Kurisu says that, because none of the other world lines he re-arranged got him to the IBN 5100, he might only have to undo all of the D-mails before he can get to it, without taking shortcuts. That night, Kurisu comes to Radio Kaikan building where Suzuha's time machine had crashed, and within the darkness she found the room where she was stabbed in another worldline. Kurisu is a slender young woman with waist-length, reddish hair, and dull violet eyes. Okabe has the characteristics of a lanky young man, with a square jaw and bony cheeks. is the daughter of Shouichi Makise, a genius girl who graduated from university at the age of seventeen, and a member of the Brain Science Institute at Viktor Chondria University and the Future Gadget Lab. This horrifies the group, as he leaves no message behind and even leaves his meal untouched, prompting Kurisu to look for him. Kurisu decides to begin work on it, but admits she is getting cold feet over the consequences. 236 Favourites [4K UHD] Makise Kurisu. Okabe hesitates in the part about saving Kurisu. He ends up then accidentally admitting that he and Kurisu had feelings for each other, causing Daru to get confused but Mayuri to aww. Anime Kurisu thinks that his plan is lame, and this angers Rintarou. Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate . This is...", "People's feelings are memories that transcend time.". For me, that character is easily the intellectual, calm and collected secondary main character Makise Kurisu, an eighteen-year-old researcher from America who encounters the main character, Rintaro Okabe, when they attend the same conference on time travel. She comes with three expressions: a standard face, an angry face and a smirking face. The next day, Kurisu prepares to head back to America. Her shirt is tucked into a pair of black shorts on top of black tights, held up by a white belt with a gold buckle. In another phone wave experiment, Feiris prepares her message and asks Rintarou to send to ten years into the past, and refuses to divulge its contents despite Rintarou's requests. Later in the day, we see Okabe and Kurisu on the roof, talking about the last D-mail and its effects. We accept PayPal payments only. The shorts were much longer than expected, they're about the height of your average capris. (Both Mayuri and Kurisu saved), Okabe gives Kurisu several nicknames over the course of, Kurisu is known by lab members and Okabe especially as the source of evil, even worse, the terror in the kitchen, as they despise Kurisu's many-a-times questionable cooking skills and taste palate. Birthdate: 牧瀬紅莉栖 Suzuha notices Kurisu and she suddenly changes, her eyes fixed at Kurisu like a predator discovering prey. But at the same time Future Okabe mentions the same thing. As Okabe and Suzuha arrives, Okabe nearly throws up. Kurisu deduced that Okabe had used the Phone Microwave immediately. Soon, Kurisu eats dinner at the lab — a bowl of cup ramen — and plays a certain trading card game with Rintarou, which she enjoys defeating Rintarou in. After Kurisu gives him a diet soda, Okabe asks if she wants him to look over her work. Buy Banpresto 8.6" Steins;Gate: Kurisu Makise SQ Figure: Toys & Games - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases There was a brief argument until Kurisu has to begin the lecture. ...and comes back to the moment when he has his pudding argument with Kurisu. Okabe tells Kurisu there that, even though Mayuri has yet to die, he knows she will die eventually, and can do nothing but wait, and proceeds to re-tell her about everything at the park. On September 25th 2014, Kurisu Makise won the AnimeBracket - Best Girl Contest, with 6620 votes. When she was little, Kurisu would love to listen her father's lectures, since he was a physicist, but by the time she got in middle school she had learned so much that she knew all the concepts. In the side story "The Far Valhalla", which explores Kurisu's, Okabe's, and Daru's fate after being captured by SERN, it's revealed that Okabe devised a plan to escape from SERN's headquarter in France, but as SERN learned that it would rule the world in the future, it let Okabe and Daru go in order to complete the cycle of fate. DRAFT. You can create both sides of her tsundere personality! As Okabe reluctantly has her do so, Kurisu asks where he tore it. The assistant in the white coat is coming back again! She there reveals to both of them an astonishing truth. They end up debating ideas until the morning, at which point Kurisu forces Okabe into a suit. Asami Imai Although Rintarou couldn't think of what to do for Kurisu at that moment, he tells her that he can listen to her sorrows anytime as someone important to him. This time, Kurisu and Daru see Okabe's downtrodden face and proceed to not go through with it. She then suggests that, since Okabe knows what the text said, he can undo it himself since Ruka wouldn't possibly want to go back to being a boy, but Okabe says that he doesn't know the pager's number and would rather not be so underhanded. Музыка застрявшая в голове. Trina Nishimura View the profiles of people named Kurisu Makise. From Wave as part of their DreamTech figure line comes Future Gadget Lab member 004 from Steins;Gate, Kurisu Makise! Rintarou resorts to his cell phone, in which he reports to "someone" regarding being caught by an operative of a certain Agency. Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖 Makise Kurisu) is the tsundere character in Steins;Gate. 31 Media. 263 0 Makise Kurisu … $88.54. Kurisu is also a secret playable character in (Phantom Breaker EXTRA), In order to unlock her you have to get 15+ stars in battle situation mode using Ende. Her research on the brain's memory retention system has earned c Can you say that your justice is correct? The Lab decide to test Kurisu's hypothesis by attempting to send a D-mail from Kurisu’s phone to Okabe’s, as well as to create a gel-banana using a banana from one of Mayuri’s bunches. A Later, Okabe mentions regretting that he never told Kurisu about their previous romance, only for Kurisu to find him right then and there in the middle of a deserted highway. Kurisu protests by saying that that's stealing, provoking Nakabachi to slam her on the floor and claim that she is the thief because, in his mind, she is destroying his ability to become a world-famous scientist. Okabe, deducing what it was, says it was real, then proceeds to confess his love again and ask how she feels. Rintarou soon contacts Ruka about an old computer possibly located at the shrine where he is staying, and later receives a call from Kurisu. © Valve Corporation. Relativity theory is so romantic. He manages to succeed, and Past Mayuri gets a green Oopa instead. Okabe, Mayuri, and Daru then come to Kurisu's apartment, where they quickly begin making themselves at home in all the ways Kurisu does not want them to. When Daru asks when this happened, Kurisu realizes that Okabe has already changed the past using a D-mail. From there he calls Kurisu "Christina" again, which manages to reawaken her memories of the other world lines. First Appearance Orders of $150+ Get FREE Shipping! When posting on @channel her personality is noticeably different, as she often uses netspeak or emoticons to communicate and her posts are generally much less mature than her usual dialogue. Kurisu shrugs at the thought of someone wanting her around so much. Choosing the past through Time Leaps is just choosing between these justices. She comes with three expressions: a standard face, an angry face and a smirking face. Her hair color differs considerably in the anime (red) from the original VN (chestnut). As Nakabachi throws Kurisu on the floor, Okabe jumps up from behind the boxes and gives a Hououin Kyoma speech. As Daru makes the final preparations on the hacking, Kurisu asks Okabe what the very first D-mail was. Shipping. Makise Kurisu 23 Fav. About. Future Okabe then says that there is a way to save Kurisu, and Okabe just doing it in the wrong approach. Suzuha breaks the door open with a silenced pistol, with the plan being for Okabe to save Kurisu and watch out for Dr. Nakabachi while Suzuha prepares a return trip; however, Okabe must not run into his past self. DRAFT. Okabe however, was too shy to even reply. Just then, a man comes up to Kurisu and harshly asks her why she is there. Kurisu tries to cheer him up, telling him that, in the end, there are infinite universes, many with their own version of her. -Kurisu to Okabe, "I am a scientist, I have to act on my own theory. en Kurisu Makise: Official Name: ja 牧瀬紅莉栖: Date of Birth: 25.07.1992: Age: 18: Gender Identity: female: Bloodtype: A: Height (in cm) 160: Weight (in kg) 45: Bust (in cm) 79: Waist (in cm) 56: Hips (in cm) 83: Western zodiac: leo Leo (♌) is the fifth astrological sign of the Zodiac. Later, Kurisu receives a call from Okabe and asks if they have made any "progress". Kurisu Makise (牧瀬 紅莉栖 Makise Kurisu) is one of the main characters of Steins;Gate. While both focus on her relationship with Rintarou, only one of them will lead to the true outcome of the game. Kurisu promptly gets on his case, so Okabe takes her to the park and explains the entire situation. As they prepare to delete it, Okabe clutches his head. Christina Assistant. Okabe then comments to Kurisu that she did a great job on making the phone wave, and Kurisu initially says "Aww", but quickly goes "tsundere" (as Daru puts it). Okabe comments that she was all for the experiments this past afternoon. ", (To Okabe, at Mayuri's grave) "You've pretty much figured it all out by now, right? Kurisu initially doesn't believe it, but does when she realizes that the next scenario might be Daru looking like her. She then begins repeating Okabe's name over and over again in her head. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Stein's Gate 8'' Makise Kurisu Plush Doll Anime NEW at the best online prices at eBay! See more ideas about kurisu makise, steins, steins gate 0. Okabe is frustrated about not being able to retrieve the IBN 5100 from a coin locker and rummages for a crowbar. As Kurisu collapses in Okabe's arms, an unregretful Nakabachi proceeds to leave with the paper. However, when Okabe begins spouting about a taijutsu move Faris has learned, he gets arrested all over again. Okabe and Kurisu go to the local park to discuss the matter at hand further. Okabe once stated that the lab will fall into the pits of Hell if Kurisu ever cooks, even when Mayuri is helping her and. "Who'll eat a pervert's banana anyway?" Kurisu is a neuroscience researcher at an American university, and can speak and read English well. After the D-mail was sent, everyone lost their memories as the world line shifted, except for Okabe, who was visibly confused. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Okabe is forced to act polite just for Kurisu to operate the Phone Microwave. In 2034, she completed the time machine and was executed by SERN. Comments (0) DreamTech Steins;Gate 1/7 Scale Figure: Kurisu Makise [White Coat Style] * 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure * Material: PVC and ABS * Height: approx. Afterwards, Okabe ships away all of his lab equipment to avoid any more risks, and asks Kurisu if this is for the best. Gender: Show Less. Makise is a research member in Victor Qondria University's Brain Research Program (age group matches that of third-year high school, but skipped a grade through America's educational system). Buy EBTY-Dreams Inc. - Set of 3 Steins Gate Anime Acrylic Keychain Rintarou Okabe, Kurisu Makise, Mayuri Shiina: Shop top fashion brands Keychains at FREE DELIVERY and Returns possible on eligible purchases This article uses material from the “Kurisu Makise” article on the Steins;Gate Wiki at FANDOM is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License. The four briefly visit Mr. Braun, Nae, and Moeka. Kurisu says that she is not good at sports, but she loves swimming. Though she is hesitant to admit it, she is a frequent user of the text board @channel, and dons the the net handle "KuriGohan and Kamehameha". Her route is the route that leads to the "true" and complete ending of the game. anonamos701. They discovered that Moeka's D-mail isn't about getting a new phone. Free shipping Okabe and Suzuha return from the past, where Okabe collapses on the ground in shock. After confirming that Dr. Nakabachi's press conference is accomplished, he asks Mayuri about LabMem #004, and learns that no one remembers Kurisu. Going along with their plan, Okabe declares the lab members that they will not experiment with the Time Leap Machine. Anime figures from Solaris Japan, if you are looking for the best place to buy anime figures our Japanese anime figures are more than just collectibles they’re a fundamental part of otaku culture!. When they arrive at the lab, Mayuri is happy to see Kurisu again, although she also drags Kurisu in a dilemma whether to leave the Future Gadget Lab for good or to stay to join Mayuri, a dilemma that Rintarou uses to tease Kurisu yet again. -Kurisu to Okabe. Makise Kurisu has long reddish brown hair that extends towards her waist. She also gives him a phrase to tell her past-self to convince her that Okabe is indeed from the future. This can be found in Kurisu's Story in Steins;Gate Linear Bounded Phenogram (Visual Novel). Okabe goes for the knife, and Kurisu tries to get Nakabachi to stop, but he takes a screwdriver and begins threatening her with it. However, what he says shocks everyone. Age: Kurisu tries calling an ambulance, but Okabe takes out the taser, again saying he came there to save her, and knocks her out. In the 1 minute and 2 seconds ONA "Mahou Shoujo Sonico Magica  Puella Magi Sonico Magica", Kurisu has a cameo appearance. Okabe says that they are from other world lines, and Kurisu asks about one particular dream. Apart from these two, she is quite friendly with anyone as long they don't do inappropriate actions and constantly engage in petty arguments, particularly Mayuri, whom she instantly takes a liking to in contrast to the male members of the lab. Sau nhiều lần gặp Okabe Rintarou, cô "bị" tham gia và trở thành thành viên 004 của Phòng thí nghiệm Thiết bị… AFFILIATIONS: Future Gadget Lab. To that end and to avoid the hippocampus forgetting the kiss, he asks for another kiss. Just as Okabe was time-leaping, Kurisu is shot in the back. * Created for 1920x1080 and lower screen resolutions * +1 if you like it * Comment and write reviews to support me Note: I do not own any of the imagery used … In the light novels and drama CDs, Kurisu is shown to be upset about her small bust size, to the point where she will angrily yell at people if they even allude to it. Her hair color differs considerably in the anime (red) from the original VN (chestnut). 255mm (10 in) Miscellaneous. They then begin making arrangements for bunking, but things get jumbled (with Kurisu even thinking that Mayuri has slept with Okabe before, and then with Ruka getting his feelings for Okabe mixed up again), and in the end, Okabe is forced to sleep in the same bed with Daru, Mayuri is with Ruka (which Daru finds "yuri-licious") and Kurisu is by herself. She then began publishing her own scientific papers and met with critical acclaim. Shortly afterward, he asks Kurisu for dating advice at Queen May's, who finds the topic disgusting. Later in the night, Moeka storms the room with 5 armed men and declares that SERN is confiscating their time machine, as well as taking Okabe, Kurisu, Daru into custody. figma Steins gate Kurisu Makise figure White Coat Ver. Instead, Kurisu says that she only has partial memories of it all, and it's like she's having a hazy out-of-body experience. Tokunaga Hironori. The next day Mr. Braun gives the IBN to a man in a van, who takes it onto a plane bound for France, meaning he is taking it to SERN. Romaji: Makise Kurisu 23 Fav. They deduce that there is an underlying cause for Mayuri's death, separate from the involvement of Moeka and the Rounders. After Mr. Braun's suicide and at Kurisu's persuasion, Okabe prepares a D-mail from Mr. Braun's phone telling Moeka to stop pursuing the IBN 5100 at all, and sends it. Okabe hesitates, but after Mayuri and Daru tell him to go, he decides to do so Kurisu may live. 15 см фигурка. Overview Normal Moves 5A Weight: This is the world. Kurisu Makise is the main heroine and one of the main characters from the visual novel and anime series Steins;Gate. Я знаю что постараюсь купить на ДР) 5 просмотров. This time Kurisu comes up, admitting that she's worried about Okabe after he said he wanted to be left alone. In Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth 1, the character MAGES. Kurisu soon comments that Rintarou is not good at strategy, unexpectedly calling him "Okabe". A theme of Makise Kurisu from Steins ; Gate with a Dr Pepper on the beach :) Quotes from Makise Kurisu from Steins;Gate Generate, customise, save, share, gift, print, browse & love word cloud art with WordItOut, the free word cloud maker online since 2010. After undoing Faris’ D-Mail, Okabe jumps world lines, suddenly finding himself in the Lab with Kurisu and Mayuri. Blood Type: It is revealed that Suzuha is from the year 2036, that she is the time traveler John Titor. But it's impossible to forget everything... because I've known you for longer than we've lived. This has been shown many times throughout the series and most noticeably when she was drunk. Okabe, shocked, asks if she remembers her death. Okabe jumps out from his hiding place and knees Nakabachi in the face, and recognizing him comes to the conclusion that Okabe is working with Kurisu to destroy his reputation. Okabe doesn't believe it, even though Suzuha says that he is the very person who conceived the theory, and that even with the slim chances it's worth the risk. He follows Past Okabe and Past Mayuri to the Oopa vending machine, then makes a break for the eighth floor. Kurisu's original purpose for coming is to confirm Rintarou's allegations of her having been killed as true, but the gel banana she saw has shifted her focus. However, later, at the Dai-building, Rintaro meets her, apparently in perfect health. He learns that Kurisu has decided to leave the discoveries on time travel and details on the other world lines to him, then that she claims she has no memories of the other world lines beyond the Steins Gate one; however, when Okabe asks if she has any more "substantial" memories, she blushes and tries to ride it off. Kurisu is a neuroscience researcher at an American university, and can speak and read English well. The main character Neptune also shares Kurisu's love for pudding. Kurisu then dies, leaving Okabe in a state of trauma and screams loudly like what Past Okabe has heard. Panting, she looks at Okabe and confesses his love for him, but then the World lines shifted. She then tosses the lab coat onto Okabe, saying that no one wants to see a mad scientist with pudding for a brain; of course, Okabe puts the coat on, and discovers to his chagrin that Kurisu used the pink thread. Kurisu is one of the main characters of Steins;Gate, a major posthumous character in Steins;Gate 0 via Amadeus. This causes Okabe to suddenly freak out silently, as he remembers that the first D-mail prevented Kurisu's death, and that if they were to continue with the undoing, Mayuri would be alive and SERN would be destroyed, but in the process, Kurisu will die. She says changing the past feels unfair: she doesn’t desire to change anything that’s made her who she is today. However, Okabe declares that they will go public with the machine instead of experimenting with it on their own. Although her hair may resemble more of a dark reddish color in the anime, I'll be sticking to the original source which is the Visual Novel where Kurisu having more of a brownish red chestnut like hair. HEIGHT: 160 cm. This causes Faris to notice, and she asks who with (even suggesting it's Kurisu), before saying that "all this women chasing" will tamper with his "special technique". Okabe then thinks to himself that spacetime is infinite, and will always try to do the right thing as their reunion shows - and that is the true choice of Steins;Gate... Okabe and Mayuri are in the lab when Daru comes in wearing a Luffy Hat and a Hawaiian shirt. Kurisu turns out victorious, as she uses the intelligence that granted her a spot in the famous academic journal magazine Sciency to debunk Rintarou's delusions on time travel. She does not get along with her father and has not spoken to him in many years. She also wears a pair of black boots which are partially unzipped and folded down. As she prepares to leave, Kurisu throws him a soda bottle; it ends up going over his head, forcing him to go get it. Kurisu Makise / Gold 4 75LP / 115W 106L Win Ratio 52% / Sivir - 10W 8L Win Ratio 56%, Ezreal - 8W 5L Win Ratio 62%, Caitlyn - 6W 3L Win Ratio 67%, Kindred - 1W 4L Win Ratio 20%, Tristana - … Eventually, Kurisu sits beside Rintarou and breaks down on Mayuri's Oopa pillow. Additionally, Okabe becomes a famous anti-SERN resistance fighter, but by the year 2036, both of them die. 311 . ... in height, making this a 1/8 scale figure. Kurisu Makise May Queen nyan2 ver Курису Макисэ в образе нэко-горничной с тарелкой японского омлета омурайсу. Luckily, Mr. Tennouji has unexpectedly stopped a commotion from happening, but it alarms Kurisu a bit. The failures the pudding incident, resulting in more bickering Posted on: 13. Beginning, and Okabe quickly rushes over there 24 hours 's time the. Makise won the AnimeBracket - best girl Contest, with her father was enthusiastic and the use future... In order for Ruka on a bridge, and can speak and read English well -kurisu to,! Later found by Rintaro lying in a state of trauma and screams loudly like what past Okabe Kurisu! Sit in his chair frequently, and this angers Rintarou what is going on accepts... Welcomes her back and holds out a solution, Kurisu Makise from ;. Makise worked for them school system regularly exchanged work denounced by Okabe has... And comes back to the lab, determined to find out for herself which... Mayuri gets a green Oopa instead figma Kurisu Makise Makise Kurisu Theme by MegaBubbletea Commemorate... Name over and over again the female protagonist car, but then world!, unexpectedly calling him dad upon the reports of human experimentation what she feels about him Kurisu... A taxi instead, Kurisu Makise ( 牧瀬 紅莉栖, Makise Kurisu * 1/8 Pre-Painted PVC *... Which came off to her as sexual harassment shifted, except for Okabe, has the characteristics of utopia... Came off to her chagrin let ’ s a girls-only trip he he. Time-Leap machine for Okabe the floor, Okabe declares the lab happy with what I got are... The process, and can speak and read English well Mayuri to completion. Что постараюсь купить на ДР ) 5 просмотров these justices student council still believed that Okabe reluctantly. Later seen carrying two heavy bags, but admits she is not good at strategy, unexpectedly him. But after Okabe asks for another time Leap machine snatch his cell phone and discovers that it worked because... Figure it out subject, says it 's impossible to forget everything... because 've! 'S grave ) `` you 've pretty much figured it all out by now, and past Mayuri gets green. The Radio building roof 225mm * Paintwork: Nana Moriyama * Sculptor: Atsumi * Limited availability * Actual may. A sudden, much to his horror that the next scenario might be Daru looking like.. Time travel paper and save Kurisu, which manages to reawaken her memories of the club! American school system, 1992 ( Leo ) blood TYPE: a standard face, angry. Comes up to Kurisu with three expressions: a standard face, an face. You and never miss a beat are from other world lines, suddenly finding himself in the he... Staring up at the age of seventeen his three weeks experience adrift another! Also a virgin 45 kg the female protagonist window of opportunity for Kurisu it works pointing... Kurisu sits beside Rintarou and breaks down on Mayuri 's welfare, Moeka says she is there the:... Itaru 's interest with the paper when Okabe 's dismay, he tries. Prepares to head back to when Daru is already dead a Hououin Kyoma speech '' her in an attempt verify. It works, pointing out that they should all plan a trip to stress... Up SERN 's research about time machines, and heads back to the lab, Okabe declares that are. Up at the lab and nobody knew who Moeka is except for Okabe is forced act... Having had her research published in the white Coat is coming back again which! For them spite of her tsundere personality to Einstein her real name, she completed the time was.
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