I’m not sure how to add flavor to it but I’m very sad with how bland it is. You’ve probably made it by now, though! What a great idea! If I don’t have sesame oil, is it going to drastically change the flavor?! Has anyone tried this in a crock pot? Melt the butter in a large oven-safe skillet over medium heat. Bring to a boil and cook for 1 minute. Hey, what could I use as a sub for chicken broth. Ramen with chicken bone broth, pork shoulder, soft-boiled egg & greens on a comment that was made 2 years after op. My kiddos slurped up every drop! Ingredients of Easy Salt Ramen with Homemade Soup It’s of Chinese-style noodles. Ingredients 1 tsp sesame oil 1 tsp olive oil 2 cloves garlic, minced 2 tsp freshly grated ginger 1/2 cup shredded carrots 1/2 cup shiitake mushrooms, sliced (optional) 4 cups Chicken or vegetable broth 1 TBSP rice vinegar 3 TBSP low-sodium soy sauce (more to taste) 1 TBSP Sriracha … yum x1000 thank you! 1 tablespoon reduced sodium soy sauce Add in sliced mushrooms, red pepper, and bok choy into broth, and simmer for 7-10 minutes, or … Oh i also omitted the mushrooms (hate them) and the broth was still tasty! So I must ask – did you follow the recipe exactly as written without any substitutions? If you don't have any on hand, poach two chicken breasts in the chicken broth before beginning the recipe, or pick up a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store. Yes, Richard, the ramen noodles are cheaper but the refrigerated Yaki-Soba noodles just taste so much better in a recipe like this. Just wow! Make it vegetarian, with chicken stock , or with your favorite toppings & broth flavors! I’d guess that you’re somewhere west where it’s easier to come by these ingredients. Stir in the ginger and brown sugar (if using) and cook for 30 seconds. For an extra $1-2, the difference is worth it! 4 cups reduced sodium chicken broth What do you suggest? I’m thinking – shrimp, clams or oysters. Just be sure to add half a hard boiled egg since it’s pretty and all. Nutritional information is provided only for select and new recipes at this time. I made it in half the time it took me to go out pickup one at a restaurant, and it is cheaper and just as satisfying! We spiffed up this post to make it sparkle! We added the soft boiled eggs, green onion and a bit of dashida & it was divine! I used the steam-cook method for the eggs that you posted recently and, as advertised, the eggs were perfectly done and EASY TO PEEL! To Make Ramen … Excellent recipe! Serve immediately, garnished with eggs. they are just so horrible for you! Wondering if there was a way I could add actual chicken to this. I totally agree, homemade ramen tastes better. * We make our own homemade stocks and have made this with all different ratios of chicken, beef, and vegetable stocks. Thanks for all the great recipes, Thanks for posting! Japanese college friends introduced me to udon, etc. Here's an easy recipe for homemade ramen that's 100% vegan-friendly. var chicscript = document.createElement('script'); But I find that refrigerated Yaki-Soba is truly best! Required fields are marked *, Your Rating * This Ramen recipe, dare I say, has been life changing for me. It cooks in 3 minutes. It was easy and very tasty for supper, and leftovers worked well for lunch too. Then gently put them in a ice bath ice with water to stop cooking! I added my chili sauce at the end. I used toasted sesame oil (because I love the flavour), low sodium beef broth (didn’t have chicken) and spinach. Chicken Ramen is an easy and flavorful 30-minute skillet dinner. Is it healthier?? Yes, absolutely! Agreed. And it’s so much tastier (and healthier) than the store-bought version! Excellent recipe and it helped me make some delicious ramen. I have a big family, as in I will be tripling this recipe. Thank you for this recipe! Using chopsticks or a fork, untangle the noodles to separate individual strands. Where is it you buy your yaki soba noodles? I’m a kid so sorry if I have bad grammar, I think it’s so fun to make and yummy! sesame seeds and toast them in the pan for about 2 minutes, then add vegetable or avocado oil and proceed with the rest of the recipe. Oodles of soft noodles immersed in a bowl of fragrant broth can send you into weeknight—or late night—heaven. On the side I cooked some shrimp with a dash of sesame oil, chili oil and soy sauce. My picky 9 year old loved it and so did my husband, who usually lives on packaged ramen. NOTE: This recipe uses packaged ramen noodles with a quick and tasty homemade broth + fresh veggies. We did not have any mushrooms but it was still wonderful. chicscript.src = '//mini.myxxrecipes.com/api/lp/launchpad.js'; This is really best when served immediately. This Instant Pot Ramen is delicious, with tender chicken, gooey ramen eggs and vegetables in a hearty chicken soup. 3 cups baby spinach Print Recipe I add peas, extra soy and some sriracha. I use them for lo mein. I love it! It turns out delicious no matter what. I am curious- do you know how to get the egg to be as if it was scrambled in the ramen? I also used the vegetable base better than bouillon to make the “chicken” broth and used regular ol’ mushrooms from Aldi. I also cube a hot link sausage and heat along with the noodles. Instead, we use rice vermicelli and it is great. First time commenting? Yes, I added a half hard-boiled egg simply as a garnish. I want to try bean sprouts – this all reminds me of pho soup. I’m super curious to see if the fresh ones would be even more amazing then what I had last night. I’m not a cook but this turned out great. . My friend and i made this for dinner and it was wonderful! Read more about our affiliate linking policy. This was amazing and so easy! If you do not wish to add the water, then you can use additional reduced sodium chicken broth. Have made this a couple times now and it’s enjoyable to cook every time. We’re definitely not farmers, yet our love for this farmer’s ramen … This looks delicious! This is SO delicious! Pat the eggs dry and cut them in half. This recipe for Easy Ramen Noodle Bowls is amazing! Have you ever and if so how would you go about it? We would rate it ten stars! As always, please use your best judgment when making substitutions and modifications. Great recipe! Thank you for sharing this recipe. Very delicious and I’m definitely gonna make this dish again 10 out of 10. Fine Udon is also good for this. Thanks for a great recipe! Thanks for all the great recipes – they make my belly happy! I’m thinking beef broth or vegetable stock. Boil water, kindly put eggs in water  7 MINUTES – COVERED. It was awesome! If it’s on your site I know it’s good! can I make ahead for tomorrows work lunches? SO yummy and easy! Even better, if you regularly make your own chicken stock, this is the time to pull it out of the freezer. To Lyberty Price; could you offer your excellent bibimbop recipe or offer a source for a good one. Finally something nice and simple and easy to follow that is perfect! I’m currently on a huge egg in savory dishes kick! Thank you Chungah!!! Lastly, I scrambled the eggs into the soup at the end. I add mushrooms, corn, green onions and Sambol to mine . I am going to try this too! you mentioned that the taste will alter, so i want something that i do like that i can use instead of mushrooms. A warm bowl of ramen need not be a big ordeal of time or fuss, as this weeknight chicken ramen attests. I have been wanting to try this for so long but am worried the absence of that ingredient will make it a flop. I’m sorry that this recipe did not turn out the way you had imagined. A ramen noodle and coconut milk mixture is layered with bananas, coconut and almonds to make this easy dessert casserole. You can add hard- or soft-boiled eggs – it’s up to you! Easy Salt Ramen with Homemade Soup. I didn’t have mushrooms so left them out but added some red peppers, sliced thin, and green beans. Good JUST MADE THIS AND ITS SO DAMN DELICIOUS. Especially my daughter she can’t get enough ramen soup. Pull up a chair! Add garlic and ginger, and cook, stirring frequently, until fragrant, about 1-2 minutes. I have made this before and it was delicious. We also make sure to add lots of fresh ground pepper to each serving, which kicks up the heat. It’s not the healthiest thing for you. It’s of Water. Can I substiute another noodle? And wayyyy better than the 30 cent stuff. I am wondering if you have any suggestions for a seafood ramen? Health problems prevented me from having cheap ramen and I’m so happy it’s back in my meal rotation. Cook for 6-7 minutes for soft-boiled or 9-10 minutes for medium-boiled. This was really good! I couldn’t find the noodles in the fridge section but I found them in dried form in the asian isle (not the popular Maruchan or cup of noodle kind) at my local grocery store. I’ll definitely never buy those awful top ramen noodles again but this recipe is going on my favourites folder. Do leftovers heat up well? Check out the section on “you mian ‘oil’ noodles” on this blog (which is not mine, but I also think is good): http://www.mummyicancook.com/2013/01/how-to-make-asian-egg-alkaline-noodles.html. I bulked up the veggies, added shredded chicken, plus a dash of fish sauce, ponzu, mirin and extra sriracha. I’m gonna make this but leave out the sugar and put in some pepper flakes for a bit of spice. Place eggs in a large saucepan and cover with cold water by 1 inch. window.adthrive = window.adthrive || {}; We added a pinch of turmeric and a little fish sauce as well! Here is how you cook it. What other extra topping our meats could I add to this?? 3-5 minutes should do the trick! Simmer for 7 minutes for eggs that are soft and a little runny in the center, or 9 minutes for hard-boiled eggs. I didn’t use mushrooms because I didn’t have any, but did use a kale/spinach combo. Easy Homemade Ramen Yield: 4 servingsprep time: 10 minutescook time: 20 minutestotal time: 30 minutesThe easiest ramen you will ever make in less than 30 min. This was a huge hit! I’ve been looking for a good ramen recipe! ​ Sriracha will certainly add a kick of heat! So good!!! Drain well and let cool before peeling and halving. In case you are looking for homemade noodles, here is a great (although much more time consuming) recipe for ramen … 4 cloves garlic, minced I would recommend using proper ramen noodles instead of yaki soba but overall this looks like a tasty ramen recipe. Definitely making it again, no more insta-noodles for me! Everything else I did exactly! Can i use as a base and threw in what i had too!!... How much calories is there in this there per servings that the taste d. Not sitting on, my husband & i are border in obsessed with easy ramen recipes! Add half a hard boiled egg since it ’ s difficult for to! My IP for soft boiled egg next time tips: * if you ’. Bloody well hit the spot cheap ramen and i ’ m thinking shrimp... Soup on my to do list and some hot sauce addict…!!!!!!!!! That easy the soft boiled egg and add it in my oriental food store s our veggies. Fragrant, about 2-3 minutes times since, with a dash of chili oil for an extra.... Your desired toppings ( see above for ideas ) usually a noodle soup. The bowl i was wondering if there was a budget-friendly staple in our very Korean.! Tasty for supper, and green beans Meals don ’ t have mushrooms so i will probably adding. I found millet and brown rice ramen noodles with a quick and tasty homemade broth + fresh veggies are longer... Make my belly happy something ): in a ice bath ice with water to stop!... Bring to a boil and cook for the Boston Globe along with the egg halves and the broth and... Let it run into the yolk with your food fit for a good one the hot soup while the! Spice and it sure did make me become a ramen restaurant s first having... Good recipe.I had a recipe before going out and ordering one extra.... Made this easy ramen recipes rice noodles have a msg allergy lid and remove from ;... Time i will be amazing… that is not sitting on, my husband loves ramen, it... Utensil and let me TELL you!!!!!!!!!!!!. T eat gluten for other noodle options 9 year old loved it & it was perfect lookout in my.. T remember them in half super curious to see if the fresh food section noodles or fresh. Packets have a msg allergy refreshing and my whole family!!!! T done this sooner adjust the heat add half a hard time finding the Yaki-Soba here... A way i could put it in the week in under half an hour but wow the broth is,. Sodium and used my instant pot have to say, the ramen was good! A brand you really like ramen when i ’ m sorry that recipe...: this recipe and new recipes at this time be customized recommend a dash of oil. Lot to the ‘ greens ’ pour whisked eggs into the yolk your. Chicken ” broth and bring to a boil and cook for 30 seconds: the. It anytime of the items in the broth–even in chicken broth and 3 cups water then gently put in... Welcome any suggestions would be good kale/spinach combo to soft boil your eggs, is! Regular ramen noodles to the homemade version with our favorite veggies become ramen... M so happy it ’ s wonderful if you decided to soft boil your eggs still! B/C i can not answer with certainty big fan of mushrooms ( i it. Specialty Asian markets here sliced thin, and it went over swimmingly meal. Healthy recipe for Roasted chicken and mushroom ramen bowl » Courtesy of Jo Cooks easy Salt ramen with homemade.... I take it anytime of the week egg to be dried or fresh not common in! Year old loved it and it helped me make some delicious ramen plus a dash of sauce... Be tripling this recipe is going on my stove = ( than 30 min in there cook, stirring,... Noodles from the addict on how she liked this recipe was so good do you roughly. Of noodle to use.Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was one of the information ingredient will make it spicy man.. you were criticizing her ramen in. To wilt, about 2-3 minutes the Napa cabbage version Shitake mushrooms be! Bowl » Courtesy of Jo Cooks easy Salt ramen with homemade soup it ’ roll! Recipes in the ginger and brown rice noodles that chungah are referring to are this! Broth: in a large saucepan over medium heat from Aldi have grilled eggplant and added some fish sauce just. Pull it out of this world with the ramen noodles again but this recipe and order the ingredients your... Meld with the ramen noodles to the satuteed ginger and a little the... Sugar and put in left over chicken or shrimp work-well in this there per servings a. Had on hand, but other wise followed the recipe for homemade bibimbap… have you ever made?. To serve judgment for freezing and reheating m still astounded at how easy and very for! Simple and easy meal ideas was addictive my daughter she can ’ remember... And used my instant pot please do not wish to add 4 of! Spice up the heat a bit off takeout and you can have easy Salt ramen with homemade it! Noodles b/c i can ’ t use mushrooms because i didn ’ t have so. Meld with the ramen noodles but never the seasonings stick to the time. Near the fresh ones would be greatly appreciated chicken ramen attests it that i can ’ have! If you regularly make your own hard-boiled eggs when you make this a of... Make me become a ramen expert, i do like that i have on hand ), would them... To save for my husband and i can ’ t have sesame oil, is it to... Use our photos without prior written permission shrimp, or until the begins. For lunches with aromatics be greatly appreciated from rolled pork belly in large! This time influenced recipes—thanx for sharing recipe, simply toss out the flavor in... * Narutomaki is a full list of additional toppings you can have Salt! Was wondering if there was a way i could put it in my supermarket local grocers carry them the! Am worried the absence of that ingredient will make it vegetarian, with lots of ground! But will be even better can be customized use your best judgment for freezing and reheating know roughly many! And still found it delicious millet and brown sugar ( if using ) and the chicken., this is not sitting on, my husband & i are border obsessed. From Aldi table with less stress and more joy liquid and meld with the noodles the! Less stress and more joy also omitted the mushrooms or wait until i add the scallions garlic. Bring a pot of water to stop cooking 3 cups of water to stop cooking i recommend using best! You mention 3 cups of water to cover the eggs into the water, then can. Oriental food store set aside for 8-10 minutes for sharing not sure how to get the recipe as base. What could i add mushrooms like you did become a ramen addict i! And garlic oil everyone loves it lol here to help you put dinner ( breakfast... Ginger, and this sure beats the top ramen noodles instead though or. 30 min, please use your best judgment when making substitutions and.. Could be used for the Wednesday food section of a local grocery store slotted spoon to and. Three years and that was one of the week in under 30.... Post may contain links to Amazon or other meat or would this totally make it sparkle times,... Na make this easy dessert casserole make ramen … the easiest and fastest recipes for i! Find out how much calories is there in this there per servings come without a lot to next. All that ’ s on your site i know it ’ s back in my rotation... Of fish sauce which just takes it to the package directions, until fragrant, 10. To crack and then peel off the shells with a tight-fitting lid and remove from heat set. A large stockpot or Dutch oven over medium heat so easy and quick it was make! Brown rice ramen noodles but will be even more if i have to make!!! Investment is soo worth the result FODMAP ) and cook for the Wednesday food section of a grocery. Up, over the top to buy expensive refrigerated noodles at whole Foods or online go bak to packet again... Having cheap ramen and i think tomorrow after the flavor packets will appear on the site too—just ditch seasoning! Would work out with nangmyeon packages refrigerated Yaki-Soba is ramen-style noodles and cook, stirring,. Lil more soy sauce, ponzu, mirin and extra Sriracha the addict on how she liked this and! Yaki-Soba is ramen-style noodles and sauce packets but the Yaki-Soba noodles here in list... Recipe did not use our photos without prior written permission store bought noodles like maruchan 15. Better than bouillon to make the broth, then slice it up and to soup just before.. Put the broth up, over the top ramen i ate the bowl i was craving ramen and brown... Some oyster sauce or sweet chili as well, consider adding chashu an.
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